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Tailor-Made Libraries

There’s nothing like indulging in a book, especially from the comfort of your tailor-made home library. We provide exquisitely fitted home libraries to your exact specifications and needs, allowing you to create a cosy haven or modern nook for your home. From sleek shelving to traditional bookcases, Diligent Developments has the craftsmanship skills for any library project.





Fitted Library

1. What is a fitted library? + -

A fitted or bespoke library is a type of bookcase or shelving unit that’s designed to fit your space perfectly. These are typically used to store books like a commercial library, but you can also use them to hold ornaments or anything you desire.

2. What’s the difference between a bookcase and a library? + -

A library is a collection of bookcases, whereas a bookcase is one standalone shelving unit for books. Fitted home libraries tend to include more than two bespoke bookcases.

3. How big is a home library? + -

Home libraries don’t have specific size requirements! You can have a library with a few bookcases or a room with a bookcase on each wall. It’s up to you and your book collection needs.

4. Can I tailor a bookcase to my space? + -

Yes, bookcases can be custom-designed to fit your space. At Diligent, we have the expertise and experience to build custom libraries that meet your room specifications and aesthetic needs.

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