Luxury Staircases

Premium staircase design that takes you further

Revitalise an existing staircase or install a new one with our expert joiners and designers. Whether you want to renovate with a premium balustrade or new handrails or desire a completely different design, our team has a wealth of knowledge to help you realise your bespoke staircase ideas.






1. Can Diligent Developments design and install bespoke staircases? + -

Yes, we provide bespoke staircase design and installation services to bring you the staircase of your dreams. Our designers will work with you to ensure your staircase ticks all boxes regardless of your style preferences.

2. Do I need to build a staircase from scratch? + -

Staircases don’t always need to be built from scratch. If your existing staircase is structurally sound, it can be renovated with new handrails or balustrades to give it a new look.

3. Does a new staircase add value to a property? + -

A luxury staircase can add cost value and desirability to your home, helping you in the sales process if you decide to sell your property.

4. Do Diligent Developments provide design feature staircases? + -

Yes, our experience and expertise in bench joinery allow us to provide visually stunning and functional staircases that elevate the look of your home. Whether you want traditional stairs or a modern look, we’re on hand to create something extraordinary.

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